May 23, 2024

Many African players have already reported to their various national teams as they prepare for the 33rd African Cup of Nations (AFCON), which will begin on the 9th of this month.

For the first time in the tournament’s history, there will be a position in the round of 16 for the best losers, which has not been the case in prior events.

The purpose of this article, however, is to familiarize you with the official names of all of the participating countries’ national teams.

1.Nigeria: Super Eagles

2. Cameroon: The Indomitable Lions

3. Ghana: The Black Stars

4. Egypt: The Pharoahs

5. Morrroco: The Atlas Lions

6. Senegal: Teranga Lions

7. Mali – “Les Aigles” which translates to “the Eagles”.

8. Ivory Coast – The Elephants

9. Sudan – Falcons of Jediane

10. Guinea-Bissau – Djurtus

11. Malawi – The Flames

12. Tunisia – Aigles de Carthage (Eagles of Carthage)

13. Gabon – They have two nicknames, Les Panthers (The Panthers) and Les Bresiliens (The Brazilians)

14. Cape Verde – Tubarões Azuis (Blue Sharks) and Crioulos (Creoles)

15. Algeria – The Greens, The Fennec Foxes and The Desert Warriors

16. Ethiopia – Walia ibex

17. Burkina Faso – Les Étalons (The Stallions)

18. Zimbabwe – The Warriors

19. Guinea – Syli Nationale (National Elephants)

20. Comoros – Les Coelacantes (The Coelacanths)

21. Sierra Leone – Leone Stars

22. Equatorial Guinea – Nzalang Nacional (National Thunder)

23. Mauritania – Al-Murabitun, Lions of Chinguetti

24. Gambia – The Scorpions

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