April 13, 2024

It is very common for disagreements to occur between players and the club managers. A lot of players have been involved in arguments with their managers, and it has affected most of these players negatively.

Most of the time, these players have been deprived of the right to play for the club for a long time, and sometimes, these players could also be sold or released on loan.

Timely Lukaku is currently facing a crisis in Chelsea after he made some inappropriate comments about the club and manager. In an interview, Romelu Lukaku told the world that he is not happy playing for Chelsea.

Lukaku went further to say that Chelsea’s manager, Tuchel, had changed formation, but he would also try to adapt to it. In the interview, the former Inter Milan striker apologized to the Inter Milan fans for the manner in which he left the club.

The Belgium striker also added that he would return to Inter Milan, even though he had not stayed at Chelsea for a single season.

Chelsea fans and Chelsea’s management were annoyed by Lukaku’s comments. Chelsea excluded Lukaku from the club’s match against Liverpool after he made those comments.

It was unclear if Lukaku would be leaving the club this January, but Tuchel told Chelsea’s board that he wanted to have a meeting with Lukaku.

A very reliable source has revealed the outcome of Lukaku’s meeting with Tuchel.

Tuchel has decided that Lukaku will not be leaving the club this January. Lukaku would remain at Chelsea.

Lukaku was also spotted training with the rest of the team. This means that Lukaku might be available for their match against Tottenham.

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